Friday, 30 June 2017

I can't wait for NCC Tennis League debut for Team Oluyole---Colleen Orji

Team Oluyole player, Colleen Orji has said that having an opportunity to feature in the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Tennis League would give her career a new lease of life.

Orji is one of the female players to be paraded by Team Oluyole as they make their debut in the NCC Tennis League later in the year.

The University of Ibadan graduate said she will make the best use of the opportunity of playing in the top flight NCC League which she believes would take her career to the next level.

"I am happy that I'm going to be part of Team Oluyole that will make debut in the NCC League. This will help us {players} a lot. I am eagerly looking forward to playing in the NCC League. Playing against top players in the country in the NCC League will help us to
perform better in other NTF-ranked competitions," said the 17th ranked Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) player.
Orji also revealed how she embraced tennis as an under graduate.

"I actually started tennis late. It was when I was studying Human Kinetics and Health Education at the University of Ibadan and Dr Molahan was our tennis coach and he encouraged us to choose one sport which we must partake in and that was why I chose tennis. 

"It's been fun playing tennis. I represented Oyo state at Eko 2012 National Sports Festival and since then, I have featured in a number of tournaments. I finished my degree programme two years ago and today, I combine tennis with fashion designing for a living," said the Abia state-born Orji. 

The dark-skinned player said she didn't feel bad losing in the first round of the 39th Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) senior Tennis Championship which ended on June 3 in Lagos.

"I lost to Patience Onebamhoin {6-1, 6-0} in the first round {at CBN Tennis} and I was not in any way disturbed by the defeat because I learned a lot from my opponent which will surely help my game. So, I was happy that I played against a top-ranked player in the country.  The match exposed my flaws and I was able to realise that I have a lot to do in my tennis career.
"Last year I also featured at Dala Hard court Tournament and it was a rewarding experience too. I lost to Loveth Donatus 6-2, 6-2 but  that gave me the ticket to play in this year's CBN tournament.

"As I said, playing in this year's CBN championship has boosted my game and I never regret losing to a better ranked player like Patience," Orji, who urged the new leadership of the Nigeria Tennis Federation to organise more competitions for female players in the country said.

Colleen Orji before a tournament in Lagos.

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